Sunday, 14 March 2010

Livejournal vs Blogger

I seem to be having a great deal of trouble posting. Mostly out of laziness and an INTENSE FEAR OF IMPERFECTION. No, that's not true.

Yes, it is.

Anyway, I'm thinking livejournal, at this point in my life, would make posting a lot easier. They have, if they haven't gotten rid of it or made it pay, that nice little poster dealy that you can use from your desktop, and it's loads more informal.

But, but, I love my blog! And blog is so much more fun to say that "livejournal." :(

Beyond that, blog is MUCH more free. We're given privileges up the ass compared to them (as far as I can tell). For instance, we can change anything we want. In fact, I will be taking advantage of that soon. On livejournal, it costs fifteen dollars to change your username. AND they have that messed up invite system where you can only invite one person if you're a lowly user like me. I was already conned(!) (Damn you, J, Damn you.) into using mine for someone.

Blogger is also way hipper. Duh.

But J! Part of this is your fault. This blog used to be a silly little jaunt into journalness, and now I'm always worried about being linky and newsy and... bloggy. Whenever we define a blog, mine does not fit in. I am too lazy to link sometimes. Too lazy to surf. I am sad and pathetic. :(

On the other hand, LJ has the Friends community, and is, as I said, much more informal. When I used to write in it, I had not concept of paragraphs. That's really annoying. The entries are rambly and often quite whiny.

Sometimes I still go back to see what I was. Not as different as I like to think. Still very nerdy, so I know I'm not a nerd poser. More into astrophysics, which I've let Z take over a little bit simply because he's in college and majoring in it. More involved in being... some kind of silly nature-poetry girl. That's too cliche for me now. But still! Very, very silly in a good way. My oft-quoted entry from the summer of freshman year (so long ago!):

"I dreamed the borg assimilated me, but first they fed me toast."


If only there were time...